Chadron State College - Campus Master Plan 2012

Chadron State College - Campus Master Plan 2012

This master plan concept is rooted in two primary ideas. The first is creating a stronger connection to the campus' Pine Ridge location, with its high rocky bluffs, pine trees, and scenic vistas. The second is strengthening connections to the central campus spine, which meanders through campus, encouraging staff and faculty to pause, gather and interact.

Signage/Circulation/Safety: The plan calls for new entry monuments at four locations, reducing the visual impact of parking at the front door of campus and improving traffic flow. It also calls for new prominent signage that conveys campus identity and helps with wayfinding throughout campus. The plan calls for the addition of new visitor drop-off areas in key locations, new parking areas, and extension of certain streets and trails to create new connections between buildings, and to new buildings.

Sense of Place: The plan recommends removing aged housing and replacing it with a new complex on the east side of campus, which would allow for future expansion of the fine arts building. Instead of housing, development of this corner should greet and welcome visitor’s arrival on campus, indicate the presence of visitor parking, and support fine and performing arts functions and other events in Memorial Hall.

Housing/Student Services: The plan also calls for specific upgrades and expansions of several buildings, demolition of others, and construction of new suite-style housing, expanded student services, new interior activity spaces, and a new outdoor amphitheatre for outdoor activities.

Academic Buildings: A Math and Science Building will be expanded for additional labs and classrooms; a drive will be removed to create additional parking and circulation.

Athletics: The plan would demolish deteriorated Beebe Stadium and construct a new stadium and football field at location of existing Elliot Field, expand parking and take advantage of views toward the scenic “C” ravine near the new field area. Improvements to other athletic facilities include recreation center renovations and a pool addition.

The plan also indicates locations of future development, open spaces to be maintained, circulation improvements, safety and security considerations, landscaping, and signage, and code-compliant, energy efficiency, and aesthetic renovations to take place at buildings across campus.