Peru State College - Campus Master Plan 2012

Peru State College - Campus Master Plan 2012

Along with Paulien & Associates, we were hired by the Nebraska State College System (NSCS) to prepare campus master plans for each of its three campuses: Chadron, Wayne, and Peru. Each vision was conceived in workshops with stakeholders and students over several months, based on a thorough analysis of campus issues and opportunities. Each plan also included a Sustainability Plan that articulates goals with implementation strategies and measurable objectives.

Peru State College is located in the southeastern corner of Nebraska, a campus with rolling hills and bluffs near the Missouri River. It was founded in 1867 as Nebraska’s first college.

Circulation/parking: The Master Plan calls for major modifications to the roads that surround campus, including re-grading and re-aligning the main approach to the campus to correct a dangerous corner and strengthen the main campus entry. (We laster designed these improvements, which also included new streetscape and parking amenities, in Fall 2015).

Campus Commons: The commons should be improved with new pedestrian paths and amenities such as plazas, benches, shade, art, etc. to enhance interaction.

Athletic/Fine Arts: The theater lobby would be expanded to create a “lantern on the hill,” and establish a sense of place in a key visitor location. The plan calls for an enhanced area inside and outside the facility, including a new plaza with attractive linkages to the Oak Bowl stadium and administration. The indoor and outdoor space would be used as gathering space for events. The plans also calls for new football/baseball/softball support facilities.

Student Center: Renovations would improve function and visibility, and appeal to today's students (We were part of a team later hired in 2013 to program and design this space.) The expanded Student Center with new food facilities and more room for activities will act as an  “anchoring hinge” between the south and east wings of campus.

Improved housing:  The plan calls for removing some housing, renovating other residence halls and faculty housing, and adding new suite-style and low-density student housing, such as townhouses along the primary approach to campus. This area could incorporate opportunities for informal recreation such as sand volleyball and Frisbee golf.

New “Gateway” building: This new building would provide indoor/outdoor space for students to socialize. The plan also indicates locations of future development, open spaces to be maintained, historic buildings to be preserved, and renovations to take place at buildings across campus. The plan offers recommendations for upgrading campus utilities and infrastructure and reducing energy consumption.