Wayne State College - Campus Commons

Wayne State College - Campus Commons

Master Plan, Pedestrian Circulation, Commons, Landscape Design, Streetscapes, and Parking

The Clark Enersen Partners' work on the Wayne State College Commons, Parking and Street Improvements began with a master plan in 2003, and continued through the completion of the commons in 2009.

From a broad view, this project involved improving and expanding parking on the edges of campus, closing a street to vehicular traffic to create a main pedestrian thoroughfare through the heart of the campus, re-configuring adjacent streets, designing new entrance features, and creating a new student commons and green space – all to create a safer, more enjoyable campus.

The new promenade provides greater pedestrian accessibility, connects major activity areas, and serves as a metaphor for the progression of life-shaping experiences that college students encounter. The project created a sense of “heart” to the campus and provided four zones to experience a series of academic, social, recreational and cultural spaces.

Our design significantly decreased conflicts between pedestrians and vehicular traffic. This project also demonstrates our technical expertise with parking design, vehicle and pedestrian circulation, irrigation, stormwater management, lighting and visibility levels, safety, security, land development, and other important issues pertinent to campus design.