Wayne State College - Campus Master Plan 2012

Wayne State College - Campus Master Plan 2012

Along with Paulien & Associates, we were hired by the Nebraska State College System (NSCS) to prepare campus master plans for each of its three campuses: Chadron, Peru, and Wayne state colleges. Each vision was conceived in workshops with stakeholders and students over several months, based on a thorough analysis of campus issues and opportunities. Each also included a sustainability plan that articulates goals with implementable strategies and measurable objectives.

A central theme in the Wayne State College Master Plan Concept is to create stronger entries and edges on the campus, with prominent entry signage at five key locations, as well as circulation improvements, new drop-off areas, and expanded parking, including decked parking. Highlights include:

Athletics: Improvements should be made to the athletics area to enhance visitor convenience, slow down traffic and provide gathering spaces. Changes include a new indoor field, a soccer field renovation, new basketball courts, new tennis courts, football field and track surfaces, a pedestrian path through the athletics area, and swimming improvements. A new food service location also is recommended in this area. (In 2013, we completed a project to replace the existing football field with synthetic turf, make stadium/grandstand improvements, replace the track, and renovate and expand the soccer competition field, as well as enclose both field areas with new decorative, monumental fencing.)

The Master Plan calls for creation of a boulevard on the road leading into the athletics area with a slight curvature in the road to slow down traffic and alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians. Road improvements include a pedestrian crosswalk and a paved festival plaza that can extend into the street during special events.

Additional Parking and Circulation Changes: South of the athletics area,  the Master Plan calls for decked parking west of Peterson Fine Arts Center to serve visitors for both athletic and performing arts events. The plan calls for modifying the circulation around Peterson to improve access and drop-off at Peterson and the Student Center. Those and other changes in circulation include provisions for service and emergency vehicle access.

On the east side of campus, the plan calls for removing residential properties that house Lutheran Ministries and the Multicultural Center. Removing these will strengthen the connection between the main east parking lot and the campus, and enhance the campus edge. Overall, the campus parking capacity is increased approximately 26 percent.

Building Improvements: An east addition to the Student Center with a link to Bowen Hall is recommended to house a consolidate Student Services. This area would be the primary Admissions point on campus, served by an adjacent visitor parking and clear way-finding signage. The Student Center also should be renovated to expand dining and activity spaces.

On the far east side of campus, the plan identifies a building site for a new construction technology building. On the west side of campus, a potential residence hall site is proposed to attach to an existing hall.

On the south side of campus, two new building sites are identified for a new academic building, and new residence hall that would provide suite-style housing. On the north end, a new fieldhouse for indoor fields would be built near the football stadium.